Best way to remove desktop.ini in windows 8,8.1,10.Don't worry it's not a virus

Best way to remove desktop.ini in windows 8, 8.1, 10.Don't worry it's not a virus

The desktop.ini file is a hidden file used to store information about the arrangement of a Windows folder. Essentially, if the layout or settings for a folder are changed, a desktop.ini file is automatically generated to save those changes.


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34 thoughts on “Best way to remove desktop.ini in windows 8,8.1,10.Don't worry it's not a virus

  1. 1: It can’t be a virus if its PART OF THE COMPUTER
    2: You cannot remove those files or it will mess up your desktop, they’re created for when you change the layout of your desktop, its like a save file for a game, and deleting it, is like deleting a save file. Hiding it is perfect, so it doesnt bother you, and you dont even get the chance to accidentally mess around with it. I tried moving my desktop.ini files around and it messed with my icons, so hiding it is perfect for everyone.

  2. Go to the Notepad window that has the desktop.ini file.
    In the menu, click File -> Save As.
    In the “Save as type”, select “All Files”.
    You will see the desktop.ini file in the list, right click, and select Delete.
    Cancel the Save As, and close the Notepad window.
    Now it will not appear anymore when you reboot.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial, but I have some doubts. This virus can generate other documents like work or excel with weird names that was not before and to programs so they don't work? I ask because this happen quickly before that. Thank you.

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