DYNASTY WARRIOR GUNDAM 3 Core i5 9600K Rpcs3 updated

DYNASTY WARRIOR GUNDAM 3 Core i5 9600K Rpcs3 updated

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system spec
i5 9600K stock no Oc
rtx 2070 super One click oc ( But im not use oc )
Ram 8Gb dual
Hdd 2TB
mobo msi z370 Gaming Z

You can use this setting
Setting RPCS3
PPU Decoder : LLVM
SPU decoder : LLVM
Firmware setting : Load liblv2.sprx Only
Additional settings : SPU chache only ( for core i5 or i7 )
Prefered SPU : auto
SPU block : safe

resolution scale : 300% ( 4K resolution )

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Download RPCS3 emulator :

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12 thoughts on “DYNASTY WARRIOR GUNDAM 3 Core i5 9600K Rpcs3 updated

  1. Just found the game today, plays well with my i7 4790 and GTX1050Ti, except it lags a bit when I blow a shit tons of enemies. xD
    (Also make sure you switch to Japanese voice because English dub suuuuuuucks! :D)

  2. Hello bro. Why does my game always crash/freeze on tutorial mission 2 and 3? Frame rate drops hard when a lot of enemies swarming the screen. My cpu is bad I think (ryzen 2600 stock)

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