Dynasty Warriors in 2020!? did they fix it?

Dynasty Warriors in 2020!? did they fix it?

Forgive the framerate OBS did not play well with the game and i was already to deep in to swap to shadowplay. this video came out WAYYYY LONGER than i thought it would so a part 2 will be following soon. im also hard at work at some other projects

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15 thoughts on “Dynasty Warriors in 2020!? did they fix it?

  1. Just played it again. Still hate it. The game engine just doesn't hold up anymore. For me personally, I'd like a dynasty warriors with for honour gameplay. I'm not interested in slashing a 1000 people that all look the same anymore. I want to feel the kills and for it to have some substance. It dynasty warriors changed its combat similar to for honour or even assassin's creed and the age rating went up then I would come back but if they continue down this route I'm off

  2. I love this game and I want this game on best movie on 2020 better than any war movies , special attack, special armor, special horses, special weapons, special musou attack, special powers of any person. It will be amazing.

  3. not a bad video, you said some good stuff.. I'm still undecided on whether to buy it or not since release lol I just cant past that annoying animal thing that takes up a 3rd of the screen, it bugged me too much haha

  4. Either your game volume is to loud or your voice audio is to low, most of the time I couldn't understand what you were saying because it blended with the game audio. You're also very monotone. Not trying to sound mean, just giving a little constructive criticism.

  5. AS someone who has played since dynasty warrriors 2…. My biggest complaint just sounds silly to me, but that is the grappling hook. I fucking love shredding through people to open the gate…. Now with the grappling hook, you can skip right to the enemy you're looking for.

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