How to change Music Folder icon back to default (Windows Vista)

How to change Music Folder icon back to default (Windows Vista)

Here’s the text you need. Just Copy & Paste…


I hope someone gets some use out of this.

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15 thoughts on “How to change Music Folder icon back to default (Windows Vista)

  1. hi i was wondering if u could teach how to change a music file(not folder) icon.
    For example media player classic icon to other icon,without changing the default player which is media player classic. can u pls help? thanks in advance.

  2. I missed how or what exactly you pasted and how you saved it. I got the info from the "more info" but i didn't know where to save and then what was supposed to happen

  3. Dude it aight. My computer was fked up anyways. by doing a disk clean up. had to reinstall vista, which sucked cause i lost everything, but oh well. my pc is ok and the desktop.ini i posted is from the one i have which is normal and working perfectly. And thanks for the video i learned what files can be managed to chande the icons. thanks

  4. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I just got the text off another website that explained how to fix the problem and it worked for me, just like in the video. I don't know what to tell you.

  5. Its just that yours messed up my files but here is mine


    I think there the same? XI

  6. It should work. But you don't have to copy his desktop.ini file. I have all the text in my "more info". You can just copy it directly. but if you want to just simply copy your friend's file, yeah that should work, too. Good luck.

  7. My bad, the back up does work sorry. So i see that this works, changing the desktop.ini, so if i go to my friends house, he also has vista and his icons are normal, if i copy his desktop.ini, will it fix mine? Reply i u can.
    Ima see if it works and ill post it here if its successful.

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