How To Fix Desktop.ini

How To Fix Desktop.ini


When you start the computer, Notepad starts and one or more text documents that contain the following lines appears on the Windows desktop:

Method 1

1 shell:startup

2 shell:common startup
Method 2
1 Run Command Prompt (Console) as Administrator and execute the following to jump to root of System drive.


2 Now, execute the command to reset all Desktop.ini attributes.

Attrib +s +h Desktop.ini /S

3 Restart your computer and verify that the issue is fixed.

Tag: [.shellclassinfo] localizedresourcename=@%systemroot%system32shell32.dll, [vid_tags]

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38 thoughts on “How To Fix Desktop.ini

  1. Este es el método definitivo amigos. Logré solucionar con el método 1, súper rápido y eficaz ya que en mi caso tuve que borrar Desktop.ini de startup y common startup porque me salía duplicado al iniciar la PC.

  2. I'm not convinced that anyone other than those who already know what they're doing can follow this. I can't. I came looking for an explanation of this "[.ShellClassInfo]

    LocalizedResourceName=@%SystemRoot%system32shell32.dll,-21815" but I think I need to look elsewhere…

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