How to Sell Your Game on Steam!

How to Sell Your Game on Steam!

In this video I want to teach you the basics about uploading, publishing and selling your game on Steam.

Content of this video:
0:00 – Introduction
1:11 – Make a Game and create a Steam account.
1:20 – Sign up to Steamworks.
2:11 – Create a new game on Steamworks.
2:58 – Implement the Steamworks API.
3:49 – Upload your game to Steam.
5:01 – Set the game settings. Create your store page.
5:34 – Publish the store page.
7:08 – Generate Steam keys.
8:44 – Publish your game on launch day.
9:13 – Interact with your community and update the game.
10:40 – Keep an eye your stats.
11:04 – Final words

• Check Out ISLANDERS on Steam:

Useful resources:

• Steamworks Website:

• Steamworks API for Unity and C#:

• Steamworks SDK documentation and download:

• SteamCMD documentation and download:

• Uploading to Steam (official documentation):

• Join my Game Dev Discord:

Good luck. Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

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