How to Sell Your Game on Steam!

How to Sell Your Game on Steam!

In this video I want to teach you the basics about uploading, publishing and selling your game on Steam.

Content of this video:
0:00 – Introduction
1:11 – Make a Game and create a Steam account.
1:20 – Sign up to Steamworks.
2:11 – Create a new game on Steamworks.
2:58 – Implement the Steamworks API.
3:49 – Upload your game to Steam.
5:01 – Set the game settings. Create your store page.
5:34 – Publish the store page.
7:08 – Generate Steam keys.
8:44 – Publish your game on launch day.
9:13 – Interact with your community and update the game.
10:40 – Keep an eye your stats.
11:04 – Final words

• Check Out ISLANDERS on Steam:

Useful resources:

• Steamworks Website:

• Steamworks API for Unity and C#:

• Steamworks SDK documentation and download:

• SteamCMD documentation and download:

• Uploading to Steam (official documentation):

• Join my Game Dev Discord:

Good luck. Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

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48 thoughts on “How to Sell Your Game on Steam!

  1. me in my head: ok he's about to go over the requirements to publish a game on steam

    Jonas: A steam account

    Me: Ha I'm 2 steps ahead of you. I have 2 accounts.

    Jonas: A game

    Me: Just finished making one These are easy requirements.

    Jonas: $100

    Me:… I'm out

  2. I have questions to ask regarding to publishing a page of a game you created on steam.

    Is there like a 1 month exclusive timing rule when it comes to creating pages when it comes to publishing games on steam?

    Like where, publishers can't create a page of his/her game in Steam if it goes to Steam later than in a month. Where as in like, Steam does not want to be used as a free advertising platform, creating a non-existent game in the store where it only releases after many months or a year.

    Said statement was found on this reddit thread ( ) , and I need verification regarding to this information due to me seeing few of coming soon game pages in Steam.
    Edit: Found another thread that mentions about said point, and I'm still unclear of how the agreement works at this moment ( )

  3. Thanks Jonas for your comment on my channel, this video tutorial, indeed helped me, as an Indie designer, to create my first store page on Steam, and to sell my first video game this month, thanks for sharing your experiences with the community.

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