Meet the Best W-Keyer in Europe… (Full Interview + VOD Review)

Meet the Best W-Keyer in Europe… (Full Interview + VOD Review)

Today I do a full breakdown and QnA with one of the best fighters in Europe, Noahreyli, we cover: how to qualify for opens, how to play moving zones, fixing confidence/ nerves issues, when to take fight and most importantly what chewing gum flavour is best.

All video chapters are on the timeline, if you want to watch just finals games or just the QnA at the end.

Big shoutout to Noahreyli for coming on stream and going over his games and breaking down his thought process with me. Follow him here:

00:00 Intro
00:34 Game 1 Semis
05:22 Game 2 Semis
10:50 Game 3 Semis
13:34 Game 4 Finals
17:11 Game 5 Finals
21:02 Game 6 Finals
23:58 Noahreyli AMA

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