Warcraft 3 | Pokemon Defense | Mega Charizard X

Warcraft 3 | Pokemon Defense | Mega Charizard X

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne is an expansion pack of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos developed for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Mac OS X by Blizzard Entertainment.
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10 thoughts on “Warcraft 3 | Pokemon Defense | Mega Charizard X

  1. Hey, have you tried the new version 3.9-E? I've tried everything to make that version work on TFT 1.27b, with no success… The 3.9-A version works just fine but with a lot of missing tooltips, and by seeing the changelogs for newer versions they say that the tooltips were updated for most of the pokemon. Do you have any idea of how we could make that work? Thanks in advance, cheers!

  2. Use to play the tower def and dota maps in warcraft 3 back in the day before lol and dota was even a thing.And cant for get all the dbz fighting vrs lol.Them or the final fantasy dota that had the op dancer that could earthquake the map every few sec lol

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