Why We Never Got To See An Ender's Game Sequel

Why We Never Got To See An Ender's Game Sequel

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Not long after The Twilight Saga concluded, Summit Entertainment geared up for its next young adult franchise: Ender’s Game. Based on the Orson Scott Card novel of the same name, Ender’s Game was envisioned as the first in a series of new sci-fi films—after all, there’s a ton of written material to draw from—but the series got canned long before its completion. Here’s why we never got to see an Ender’s Game sequel…

Box office bomb | 0:22
Boycott | 0:54
Budget constraints | 1:22
A tired trend | 2:09
Aged out | 2:55
TV spinoff | 3:52

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36 thoughts on “Why We Never Got To See An Ender's Game Sequel

  1. For me this was a movie I just happen to have free time and went and saw it with no expectations. I did see it a trailer for but still I had no idea about what the movie was supposed to be. Ended up loving it. Didn't realize it was going to be I mostly all Child cast but that didn't take away from the movie at all. Super super bummed there's no sequel. The movie was epic

  2. Idk why, but i really like this movie and i wish we could get a sequel.
    However from a cinematic story telling perspective, which the first movie uses heavily just couldn't compete with a sequel.
    Enders arch is pretty much completed in the first movie, a sequel would just be too different and basically unrecognizable considering the note it left off on, its quite the story, but just wont work in cinema much like the first movie.
    Havnt read the books but i understand how they work better as books.

  3. I can't recall it being released in Australia. If it was, it had little if any publicity to encourage an audience. ENDERS GAME has prompted me to view most of the other movies starring ASA BUTTERFIELD, most of which I now have on DVD.

  4. Side note: I did resent that many ppl and/or fans boycotted EG because of Cards' homosexuality views–those literally have nothing to do with the novel itself. But yes, the studio only cared about $$$ versus the story–sad. As a result, a poorly-made film that promised much but lacked depth, a lot.

  5. I was excited as hell to see the film 🎞. When I did, I felt and still do feel the studio did a poor job adapting it from Cards' novel. The novel WAS far better than its film; that happens when there's much internal character stuff going on and the plot is like its own separate entity.

  6. None of the sequels would have made a good movie plot. Ender's Shadow would have started as the saga of a street kid in Rotterdam and morphed into a rehash or Ender's Game for the second half of the movie.

  7. I read the book first then watched the movie and I personally loved watching a movie about a book I loved. I think that it’s a shame there won’t be a sequel because it would have been amazing.

  8. You forgot to add that many people who did see the movie were disappointed that the movie did not follow the book more faithfully. Some of us would have gone and seen it more than once if it had been accurate.

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