Workday: CFO / CIO Partnership for Business Agility (CXOTalk)

Workday: CFO / CIO Partnership for Business Agility (CXOTalk)

Successful relationships between Chief Financial Officers and Chief Information Officers can drive business transformation, innovation, and agility. To learn more, we spoke with the CIO and CFO of cloud computing leader, Workday, to explore their relationship and role.

Robynne Sisco is President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Workday and oversees the company’s finance, investor relations, legal, and procurement organizations.

Sheri Rhodes is Workday’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), where she oversees the company’s global information technology organization, with responsibility for the internal deployment of Workday products.

The discussion includes these topics:

— CIO / CFO collaboration
— Aligning CFO activities with business processes and requirements
— Business agility and the CIO
— Financial planning and business agility
— CIO and IT alignment with business needs
— Challenges to iterative and dynamic financial planning
— CFO / CIO partnership for innovation
— Measurement and metrics for innovation
— IT as a strategic innovation partner
— Advice for building the CIO / CFO relationship

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