Warcraft 3: Pokemon Defense | WoWcrendor

Warcraft 3: Pokemon Defense | WoWcrendor

Warcraft 3: Pokemon Defense — Recorded live at



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Professional nerd, mediocre comedian and expert non-content creator.

Warcraft 3: Pokemon Defense | WoWcrendor


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48 thoughts on “Warcraft 3: Pokemon Defense | WoWcrendor

  1. Everyon: "Crendor has been training and practicing his comp, that's why he's so good!"
    Crendor, talking over them all: "THANKS FOR THE 23 MONTHS, ONE MORE MONTH UNDER NERD DAY! 1-2-3-4-5…"

  2. THE MOST BROKEN and cheap strategy in this is mass Marrowak. Marrowak has a chance to spawn a clone each time it attacks, and its clones can cast more clones… so if you get enough attackspeed buff from machamp your ENTIRE PEN basically fills with marrowaks that are throwing axes that do 2k damage… Its cheap but really fun

  3. Sadly i don't really know these other players, but i LOVE seeing you all play, it's SO fun. Please consider returning to the maps you already reviewed: i get that it might not be as interesting now, but idk maybe you will find it fun again, it was really funny and entertaining

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