How to install Dynasty Warrior 7 include English Patch

How to install Dynasty Warrior 7 include English Patch

Caa instalasi dynasty warrior 7 termasuk patch english
Pastikan komputer anda mampu menjalankan game ini, perhatikan dengan seksama cara instalasi yang saya buat, jika tidak bisa jalan juga berarti komputer anda yang bermasalah, karena game berjalan sempurna di komputer tester

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41 thoughts on “How to install Dynasty Warrior 7 include English Patch

  1. Busquen en mi canal kratos1998war hay un video d como cambiar el idioma a este juego y tambien hay otro con la partida al 100% el d cambiar el idioma funciona si siguen los pasos al pie de la letra

  2. I didn't download this one but I do have another and I need help burning it to the disk it doesn't come up like that and I have to go in and click "Setup" myself then later I get some error at where he is at 0:40 and it says 3 options : Abort, Retry, and Ignore. Can someone please help me I need to know how to burn the disk correctly I have PowerISO and I don't think I'm doing it right PLEASE HELP MESSAGE ME PLEASE

  3. dnl this at mediafire /?0r22wuune99i3vu
    this is the patch for that game in english, not full english tho 🙁
    all u do is extract it at your game folder then dbl Patch.bat and thats it

  4. You sit here and advertise a cracked copy of DW7Xl with an english patch, but you direct people to a site that has no such patch, let alone expect them to pay you for cracked content?

  5. Kalo saya udah ada patchnya di CD-nya…. tapi saya masih susah gan… soalnya cuman beberapa yang berbahasa inggris, saya pengennya yang full inggris bahasanya.. jadi tau efek2nya..

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