(My) Dynasty Warriors Character Tier List

(My) Dynasty Warriors Character Tier List

A follow-up video that no-one asked for. After this I’ll probably try and muster the energy to make a proper video

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25 thoughts on “(My) Dynasty Warriors Character Tier List

  1. Zhao Yun has forever annoyed me, I remember a time when Koei pushed other characters to be the poster characters for the series, Diaochan for example tended to have opening spots a fair bit and then the ps3 era happened and now it's just him….everywhere lol I think out of all the chapters in DW9, Diaochan had the best one. The battles flowed so well and the story was well thought out. I'm still gutted they didn't give her a what if DLC but I'm hoping with DW10 (fingers crossed for later this month) she is given longer story like she used to have and I'd like to see the DW9 costumes make a return as unlockable costumes once you max out the characters. Her dress so nice and the chain whip move set was really good in DW9….I just wish they didn't take away her more iconic moves from it and gave it to zhang chunhua

  2. The whole 'one-note' character trait does get old, which is why the best characters are the ones who don't have one-note personalities. I fucking LOL'd at your description of Xu Zhu. Also Xing Cai is best girl.

  3. My first biggest problem with anything said in this video is "I don't know why they made Yue Ying a ginger" Good Sir for the crap I give DW6 Yue Ying was the light in the steaming pile of crap that was 6

  4. I don't even know if I have favorites anymore honestly. Too much DW9. Everything is the goddamn same… Just waifus and not waifus. And getting mad at historical flaming tigers for not having weak spots that you can hit to deal massive damage…

    Nah, old Wei Yan, Zhou Yu, Nu Wa, Dynasty warriors 3 Lu Bu because he literally had an attack radius that hit things behind him. Yueying because that goddamn musou. And Dynasty warriors 4 Cao Ren because of the mega buster charge combo.

    As far as Waifus are concerned? Xingcai, Yueying, Lianshi, Sun Xingxing, And probably Lu Bu's daughter. Cai Wenji is probably really good but I am not trying to hear nobody sing.
    Zhurong too, but idk how I feel about Diaochan… Diaochan would probably poison my tea or something.

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